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• Cinedeck EXTREME gives anyone with an  HD-SDI, HDMI, and LAN capable

camera access to cinema-grade recording, monitoring, and

playout in the field or on set, at a fraction of the price of a comparably

featured tape deck and monitor.

• It’s a focus monitor, recording deck and preview/playback monitor in

one ultra-compact, lightweight package. You can take it literally

anywhere you can take a camera.

• It extends the life of legacy cameras by enabling cameras with high

quality sensors to bypass their lesser quality onboard tape or

media recorders (DV, HDV, DVCPRO-HD), effectively extending the life

of a wide array of camera equipment.

• It’s massively compatible. Cinedeck EXTREME uses standard removable

2.5" laptop form factor SSD recording media. The captured files are

ready for editing immediately in Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media

Composer, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Time consuming ingest and

transcoding has been eliminated.

• It’s designed with traveling light in mind. Cinedeck EXTREME weighs

under 4 pounds and fits into a shoebox.

• It’s plug-n-play. Start it up and you are ready to record in less than a

minute. Media hotswap in 5 seconds.

In the field
In the studio
In the OB truck
AVID Dnxhd     FINAL CUT ProRes